Driftwood plant stand Matt made, with new plantsSunset over Vancouver Island

So, why a blog, why now?  I’ve been living the past year and a half in the beautiful San Juan Islands, but am moving away in just about a week and a half.  Chaos, upset, and transition aren’t sitting real well with me, and this is gonna be my way of coping.

I’m moving back to a house that has been deeply wounded by crappy renters and my psyche is balking at going from my little studio full of windows and light on this lovely island to the house by the highway that’s been abused for a year.  It needs so much work . . . and work takes money.  And money takes time.  But on this front, I’ve no patience.  That house needs some LOVIN’! 

Luckily, there are beautiful decks with lovely water views there, and a new porch swing to retreat to whenever I need to stop looking at the filthy carpets and holey, smudgy walls. 

My hope is that there will, eventually, be a fantastic series of before and after photos here.  And, how often do adults really get a nice blank slate, ripe with opportunity for creativity and reorganization?  This is the house my sweetheart, Matt, bought, and into which I moved when we took that big step.  So it’s been a hodgepodge of his stuff, my stuff, the bad old paint job of the previous tenants, etc.  It will be nice for us to intentionally create the specific space we dream of, full of exactly the photos, the art, the dishes, the colors we want.

And it will be a good exercise for me to learn to keep my eyes on little lovely things so that I’m not overwhelmed by the bigger stuff.


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