Here we go . . .

So it’s the middle of the night, quite literally.  The changing-over time.  What better time to get started on this new venture? . . .  Blogging, ah, yessss.  Recently discussed with my dear friend Carrie how the “b” word already has some negative (read nerdy) connotations.  But, I’ve been turned on to so many funny writers who make me laugh out loud daily–Lordy, if they are nerds, I say, Let Me Be A Nerd! 

Picking a blog name is a strange and important thing.  Of which I’d thought not at all until the moment I started.  I’m not sure where “Relish” came from, but there it is, and so lovely for its double meaning.  It is about honoring the day, what comes to you, what happens, what you see and experience, for all the good, bad, and confusing . . .  And about doing whatever it takes to dress it up a bit, to make it all more to your tastes.

And I’m a foodie, I work in the biz, and have a chef for a Lover, and SO.  That’s “relish.”  Loving my life (sometimes in spite of it), “relishing” it.  And adding relish where I can–a little tartness, some spice, color, whatever it takes to keep on loving it.  And eating and cooking and talking about it alot.

To finish, for tonight:  That picture on the header is not something I cooked.  But it’s darn pretty, yes?  However, pretty is mostly all it was.  It certainly needed some kick, some flavor.  I appreciated it for the photo op, and was very excited to dig in, but it wasn’t all its looks seemed to promise.  I briefly thought about changing that picture to something about which I could proudly say, “I Made That” but then . . . that picture perhaps fits this blog perfectly.  Pretty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  It’s good, but it’s certainly not everything.  It’s good to notice the pretty, to relish  it (not to beat a dead horse or anything) and be thankful for it in whatever form it arrives, but I have something to add, or sometimes, perhaps against my will, I’ll simply be required to add to what I’m given to make an acceptable stew.

Cheers, friends.  Thanks for listening.


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