Girl Trip

Cami, my very best friend of 21 years, and I are off tomorrow to Pt. Townsend for a highly needed getaway.  Highly needed for her, as she is probably the definitive “over-doer.”  Mothering, lawyering, puppy-raising (and cleaning up after . . . alot . . . Yuck), husband raising.  This girl needs a good book, a glass of wine (or several), a water view and some relaxation.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I was thinking when I planned this–I mean, once I get back on Sunday, I’ll only have a few more days on the island . . . But I quickly realized that this Pt. Townsend trip will be great for me.  No one is better to talk to than Cami, for me.  And she’s so damn funny, too.  I think she’s really going to help me wrap my head around this transition.  Plus, I’ll be reminded of how BRILLIANT it is that we’ll be living just 30 minutes apart again.  That’s one great reason to embrace the move.

So, happy things today:  Isabel in my lap, angling for a belly scratch.  Sunshine.  A fairly lucrative night at work after such a dreadfully slow week.  A beautiful (though not happy, actually) movie:  Away From Her.  Julie Christie gives an amazing performance.  And another movie I’m going to resume after this: Rory O’Shea Was Here.  Marvelous so far. 

Happy Weekend!


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