Pt. Townsend

So, these photos demonstrate pretty clearly what Cami and I are all about on vacation.  We had a great time, and did everything we wanted to do.  We didn’t get sunshine on the deck, though.  And we did get a spot of snow.  But it could’ve been worse.  We walked everywhere, so luckily it didn’t really do more than lightly drizzle.  And we will enjoy Palm Springs this fall all the more for this very cold Spring Break.

We enjoyed brews and cards at Water St. Brewing and Port Townsend Brewing, had great Thai food (Khu Larb Thai) and pizza, shared wine and an app at my favorite place, Sirens, and tried out a new-to-me (and to town, I think) tapas-style place called Galatea.  The food was pretty there, but we found things slightly off.  That is, Cami thought the beets were slightly underdone on the salad, the “roasted” head of garlic on our bruschetta plate was crunchy, and I would’ve done that bruschetta differently (too much dried fig “jam” which really wasn’t chutney-like, scooped on top of too-little, too-tame blue cheese. Would’ve been better with a light layer of the fig topped with plenty of cheese and maybe broiled a little, then topped with the walnuts.  And serve with gooey roasty garlic) . . . The seafood empanadas were nice, as were our (large) cocktails and wine pours. 

Cami shopped Cental Market in Poulsbo on her way up and bought cheeses (beer cheese!), crackers, wine, and olives (and tulips!) for the room.  We went shopping for special vacation glassware for the wine–those two adorable little glasses in the picture are from Summer House, the best store maybe anywhere.  I could buy everything they have.  I also picked up some adorable little glass coffee cups that are German, made in the ’60s.  They will be very fun for wine and espresso, and I’ll post a picture later as they are nested in a box in the back of Cami’s Jeep so that I don’t have yet another thing to move at the end of this week.

The big revelation of the trip:  Every time I mentioned reading a blog, or talked about writing this blog, I found myself whispering the word, much the same way people are known to whisper other terrrible words, like cancer.   However, Cami topped it when she mentioned about a certain someone, “Oh, she’s a real type-A personality.  And she scrapbooks.”  See, there’s always someone with dirtier secrets than yours!


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  1. Wow! 12 beer sampler, that’s my kind of place.

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