Matt is the Executive Chef at the newest and greatest restaurant in Tacoma (okay, I’m a little biased).  Maxwell’s is set to open tomorrow night!  I’m a little sad that I’m so far away on his big night, and terribly jealous that Mom and Dad and friends Jim and Kathie are headed down to partake.  Another cool reason to be excited to return to T-Town.

I TOTALLY forgot to mention in my Pt. Townsend post that Cami and I spent a goodly amount of time our last morning there watching something called, I think, “Women of Ninja Warrior.”  Actually quite an impressive display of athletic prowess, but the best part was the announcer screeching in what sounded to me, of course, like a dead-on impression of an 8-year-old boy pretend karate fight.  (“Ai-EEEEE Sono hoto Ai-EE! hoto fono YAH!”)  Brilliant.  I could listen for hours.  Cami kept saying, “I can’t believe we’re watching this”, then kept right on watching.

Cami’s daughter, Tennessee, was wearing a Princess dress one recent day.  She said, “I am a Princess.”  Cami said, “Yes, you are.  And a beautiful one.  Can you please pick up your blocks?”  Tennessee:  “I AM A PRINCESS.”  It went on from there, but this really was the important part.  I’ve decided to use it myself when I don’t want to do something (except the conversations will mostly, probably, be with myself):

ME:  You need to clean this house, pack, go to the post office, drop off consignment, and take magazines to the Free Magazines bin.

ME:  I AM A PRINCESS.  I am going to watch The Bachelor and drink coffee.

ME:  Oh, I hadn’t realized that you’re a princess.  You should probably also eat a doughnut.


Note to Cami:  I will now also tell other people about this blog, so that when you read it you don’t say, “Uh, hey, Idiot!  I’m the only one who reads this BLOG” (and you’d shout that so other people would hear and make fun of me) “so don’t repeat stuff that you JUST finished emailing to me.  It was funny, but only that first time.  And also, I told YOU that princess story.  Idiot.” Okay, okay, Cami.  I get it.  You’re a little harsh.

There’s a little box that just popped up to the right of my screen which says, “You do not have permission to do that.”  I’m not sure what I tried to do, but I will do my best never to try it again, little WordPress box.  Or maybe it’s some cosmic message. Upon which I should dwell and use to make some meaningful spiritual decisions and perhaps to inspire some enriching activity for my day.  But probably I’ll watch The Bachelor and eat a doughnut.



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  1. YESSSS!!!!!! Welcome sweetie, to the nerdiest crowd of cool chicks ever! I’m all about a doughnut and The Bachelor!

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