Seeking Skilled Cat Wrangler

Well, we made it back to Gig Harbor.  Yesterday I finished packing and cleaning, and as a treat for getting that all done, I had the privilege of trying to wrestle two unwilling cats into one box.  And get it closed.  And taped up.  With yards of tape.  Then, on the way from the house to the ferry line, Jasper shoved his head through one tiny hole, and now I’m sure he’s probably crushing his windpipe, so I’m driving while reaching back and trying to shove his head back into the box.  I couldn’t, so I had to PULL THIS CAR OVER and undo all the tape . . . and start all over again.  Moving is fun.  I’m pretty sure the three of us are on the same page about this, but you be the judge:

So long, Friday Harbor.  It was real nice knowing ya.

P.S. Will someone–Carrie?–please help me figure out how to do what I want with the pictures . . .  Yours look nice, and captioned, and positioned in a pleasing manner.  I think this makes you nerdier than I am, and, admittedly, I’m jealous.


One Response

  1. So, Cat wrangling. . . not so much fun. Though it’s truly amazing how tiny a cat can get when inspired to get the hell out of a box!
    About the pictures: While you’re typing, you can push that little button in the toolbar for pictures. I upload my photos from Flickr (to save space on wordpress. . .not sure how much space you get for pictures here). Then, from the toolbar menu thing, I set the border to zero (that’s no border around the pics, I like the aesthetic better that way), set it to be aligned in the middle. You can also change the size of your pictures in that picture menu. I just type in a caption in italics underneath. Mess with it until you like it. I can give you more info later if you need it.
    Mostly, I want to hear about how Matt’s first night at Maxwell’s went! Glad you’re home. Hope to come visit soon.

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