In our yardSamantha, Clams, and meSo, it’s been a good long while since that last post.  You’d think I’d have tons of things to say, as this has been such a transitional month, but really, it’s just been too overwhelming to succinctly sum up.  And if I’d tried, it wouldn’t have been entertaining.  And I was getting darn close to just scrapping the blog, but that’s too typical of me.  Quitting when something seems too daunting.  So, HA!  I will keep on keepin’ on, one way or another.

The house is a wreck, the yard is a wreck, I’m a wreck.  Wow, that wasn’t nearly so difficult as I thought it would be.  Now that everyone’s up to speed, let’s move on.

Chris Kattan (of Saturday Night Live fame) was 2 feet away from us on the ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle yesterday.  This was not a brush with greatness, so what was it?  I was stupidly and disproportionately excited, so it must’ve been something . . . A brush with “Hey that guy looks kind of familiar, wasn’t he somebody?”  I feel like the thrill I experienced speaks volumes about my life lately.

I FINALLY got to see my brother, sister-in-law, and niece Samantha last night, after a year and a half!  Samantha is AWESOME and adorable.  Matt and I brought her a stuffed octopus from the Seattle Aquarium. She named it Clams Jessica Ulsund.  Then later amended that to Clams Jessica Oyster Ulsund.  We were eating clams at the time, talking about oysters, and everything she names is Jessica.  So let’s not get all crazy about how creative she is.  Though she is.  The most creative, smart, funny, brilliant, beautiful girl in the whole wide world.

There’s a whole lot of goodness, still, in the thick of the ickiness.


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  1. Yahoo! You’re still here! Um, Samantha is pretty much the cutest kid ever (except mine. . . but I have to say that).
    And, if Chris Kattan was that close to me, I’d have to start eating and spitting fruit like Mr. Peepers all over him.

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