Sad Today.

Last night we stole a dog.

I immediately named her Honey Girl, because that’s what color she is, and she’s a LOVE.  She was shaking, and had her tail between her legs, and was real happy to jump up into my backseat and come home with us.  The folks inside the restaurant (we found her in a busy parking lot, near a busy street) said she’s around quite a bit, that she “lives just over there”, that they once almost called Animal Control about her, but then went and spoke with the owner instead.  Apparently to no avail, as there she was again last night.

Took her by the vet this morning and had her scanned for a microchip.  Sure enough, she had one, and I called and got the info from HomeAgain.  However, before the operator connected me to an owner, I told her I was really quite concerned about the welfare of this sweet dog.  The operator seemed concerned too, but then just went ahead and connected me to the owner.  Who is really darn lucky I had enough imagination to think there might be some crying little kid somewhere missing her dog.  Who is really darn lucky we didn’t just keep her.  Who didn’t have to pay to free her from the Humane Society.  Who didn’t have to feel bad that the sweet dog (Sienna is her real name) had to spend a terrified night at the pound, but rather had bowls of Kibbles’N’Bits and love and a warm fleece blanket.

Sienna didn’t particularly want to follow her owner back to the house.  She stayed by me.  And didn’t move until he carried her away.  Luckily, she has a dog pal, Chelan, and appears well-cared for (other than the lack of concern about her wandering and shaking and cowering in the middle of the night . . .). 

I made a report to Animal Control.  What’s wrong with people?  I’m very sad this afternoon.  She was the perfect dog for us.  Next time I’ll keep her.  I hope that stupid jackass learns his lesson.


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  1. That sucks. .. interestingly enough, I ended up with a “stray” kid at my house today. . . a kid in the foster program who is between “homes.” I use that word, “home,” pretty loosely here. . . it’s such a screwed up world that lets dogs and kids and other living things into homes that don’t take good care of them. . . I was sad today too.
    Dogs like “Honey Girl” and kids like the one I had today are the reason people like you and me could easily turn into “that woman with the dogs” or, “that woman with all of those snot-nosed raggedy kids.” Gotta watch that tendency! Your “perfect” dog will get to ya.

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