Let’s try this again.

Happy New Year!  Though getting back to writing isn’t exactly a “resolution,” it sure beats “exercise,” which is.  Pretty sure at this point anyone who may have briefly checked the blog last year has given up on me and this is now just a socially acceptable way for me to talk to myself.  I hope I leave inspiring, encouraging, and insightful comments in response to my own posts.  And maybe something scathing every once in awhile, just to keep myself on my toes. 

I faithfully read a couple of blogs, and have found them to be a constant source of entertainment.  Thank you Carrie at RhubarbSky, and the greatest friend I’ve never met (but adore and speak of with great fondness, making me, of course a huge nerd) Heather at Dooce.com.  If I can return the favor to even one person (probably my mom or best friend Cami, or maybe Pam) I guess skipping the elliptical to slave away here will all be worth it.

On the resolution front, I’ve vowed to (really try hard to) bite my tongue, gripe less (mostly about shitty tippers/mean people) and be thankful for my “First World problems.”  I can’t remember when or where I first heard that phrase, but it certainly resonated with me.  I am blessed with problems many millions of (Third World) people would probably cut off a limb (or two or three) to have.  I’m certainly not going hungry, thank God I’m not unclothed (seriously, nobody needs to see that), and even with this tricky housing issue (more later), we’re not going to be shelterless, ever.  Most likely.  So I have it pretty good, and I’m going to try to live like I know that more often.

Happy 2009.


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  1. What an inspiring post! I am encouraged and you are insightful! Screw exercise!

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