How do they do it?

Okay, so I’ve determined I ought to be doing more writing.  I’m so impressed with my blogging role-models, the ones I check in with daily for laughs and inspiration (RhubarbSky,, The Blogess, and Orangette).  But as I don’t have children and no real discernible hobbies, what the crap am I supposed to write about?  The cooking is good, but it happens so rarely.  The home improvement projects are VERY inspiring and impressive, but they exist only in my imagination, awaiting some gumption and a lot more money.  I could talk about my attempts to trim down, strengthen up, but then, in the interest of full disclosure, I’d certainly have to tell you I just downed a huge glass of white wine and two Trader Joe’s veggie corndogs (DELICIOUS).  Oooh, the restaurant work.  I certainly do have some things to say about that.

From tonight:  If you and your buddy each have enough money to drink 5 beers (each) and 3 shots of whiskey (each)and eat dinner (nevermind you know another employee and leave to go for a boat ride with him in the middle while we save your table), you need to tip more than 10%.  Period.  The end.  Similarly, if you use a $100 bill to pay your $50 tab, you need to leave more than 10%.  If you know me and you read this, you know these people got great service.  I’m pretty freakin’ good at what I do.  If you don’t know me, you might suspect that I’m not so good at my job.  I can’t do anything to convince you otherwise, really.  But, even if I were a mediocre waitress, you waited awhile to get refills, whatever, unless I outright insulted you, 10% on those tabs is ridiculous.  Have one less drink next time, and treat people right.  Ever heard of karma? 

My comparison, to make it relevant to the average Joe-office drone’s life is this:  How are you going to feel if your employer informs you that, although you did your best on that recent project, the customer (in these tough economic times) decided to just go ahead and pay a little less this time around?  Or that you’ll only be paid for 4 out of every 5 hours work?  (That one goes out to you, Campers–you know, the ones who sit at a valuable table for hours on end, and think the measly tip they left is appropriate.  Pay for your table and time, people!  You are alotted about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, after that, you need to be tipping more.  Otherwise, you’re basically taking money out of your server’s pocket.  And we all have rent, medical bills, mouths to feed, etc.)

Rant done.  For now.


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