Garlicky Fingers

Dinner last night was damn good.  Cooking on-the-fly with little plan is always so much fun when the finished product turns out well.  I cooked some chopped garlic and some onion slices in heated olive oil and butter.  Added a can of salmon, then some romanesco florets.  Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, then some bloody mary mix.  Cooked until the romanesco was tender, but still had a bit of crunch.  Added more oil and mary mix to keep things saucy.  Topped perfectly al dente spaghetti with the sauce, and feasted!img_3385

I’ve never used romanesco before, and it was just a guess that it would work with my salmon tomato sauce.  It really did!  Whereas broccoli would have been too big a flavor, and cauliflower would’ve been too bland, romanesco hit just the right midway note.  Plus, it looks cool and crazy.  We picked this up at Pike Place market on Monday, if you want to try it!


One Response

  1. Dude. That thing looks amazing. I’ve never seen or heard of it before. How’d you know what it would go well with?

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