That title.  Ridiculous.  But it was the (again, Ridiculous) phrase that kept going through my mind today post-Happy Hour at Pacific Grill.  More on that in a minute.  It is also an appropriate phrase for how long it’s been since I’ve written here.  And for how long it took me to even figure out how to access this account.  Oh, and also for how awesome it is that my box of Trader Joe’s Less-Guilt Brownies has instructions for a microwaveable, 45-second single serving.  OMG all over the place today.

Back to Pac Grill.  Yes, it really does have the BEST happy hour.  I can’t remember the last time I truly looked at a menu and wanted to order 10 things.  Maybe more.  Luckily I had 3 on-purpose friends along to help, and even more luckily, 2 more walked in by chance, enabling us to order and order and order again.  Can’t say enough good things about the oyster shooters.  Also love the cheese toasts with melted tomatoes and the “snake beans” (tempura battered green beans, which Tim ate and loved despite his disdain for green things).  New picks:  takoyaki (shrimp fritters, sort of), dragon wings (ridiculously big and meaty and carmelized and spicy and yum . . . and actually from a chicken, truth be told), mac and cheese, beef sliders, chilequiles, laquered bbq ribs, blue cheese tater tots, asian slaw.  Possibly other things.  And though quite against our will, a bread pudding topped with cinnamon ice cream arrived, and was demolished in under a minute.  We appeared to be training for a team extreme- or speed-eating competition, and actually probably should consider throwing our hats in the arena, if such a challenge exists.  Dreamy, fabulous, wonderful.  Next up: chicken bahn mi sandwich, some seared pepper thing, tuna poke, and some repeats from above.  Can’t wait.

In other OMG news, we walked down the street to Dorky’s after our meal.  This great little spot on Pacific is packed with the original ’80s arcade games I grew up on.  I suck at Donkey Kong and Frogger.  I’m kind of great at Pole Position (7th and 8th places, thank you very much).  And you really have to try the arm wrestling game.  Trixie’s a beast, let alone the competitors that follow her.  (Tip: sure, the game can’t see if you use two hands, but keep your elbow on the pad or you lose!)

Feels good to be back.  I’m looking forward to more days and adventures that inspire me to be here.


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