Reading The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery.  What a charming book so far, a thrift store find, and I’m lucky to have found it!  Her true story of raising the runt among runts into a 750 pound pet.

Rereading A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson.  I read it years ago, then just picked it up again.  The moment I finished it, I started it again.  So I guess I’m really re-rereading it.  That’s high-praise.


2 Responses

  1. Fun, informative BLOG.

    I will try to let you know the results of the Maxwell experience tomorrow, April 24th.

    I have been reading a lot lately and will let you know what I have enjoyed. Currently I am reading “Three Cups of Tea”

    See you soon. Love JDF

  2. “Three Cups of Tea” was inspiring and very informative.

    Maxwell’s was great with Matt sending out a great selection of food including a cheese plate, tureen of ciappino, marinated mushrooms, finger potatoes with garlic, lamb chops, rib steak, steak tartar with salsa relish, beet salad, great bread, and two desserts. Everything was excellent and we enjoyed a Bon Aire Chardonnay along with dinner.

    Nice to have you back in the neighborhood although we are going to miss the San Juans also and the great times we had at your house.


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